It's Not About You: Why Sales Prospects Don't Buy From You

Lead generation does take a little time and planning to accomplish. If done correctly you will be able to reap the rewards and return 100s of fresh sales leads for you business monthly for many years to come.

Internet marketing is basically executing the process of advertising a business, products or services online. For the marketer who is working on building a online business their main objective is prospecting to get additional business partners.

If your alert notifies you of a change in legislation or a trigger event that might impact a client or a prospective customer then relevant whitepapers, DVD's or invitations to seminars can be sent out that provide valuable information relating directly to that event.

Each prospect is different; listen carefully and know when you are pushing too hard. If you're someone who follows my training, this may sound a lot like Communication Quality #4 in Professional Inviter: Use the right amount of assertiveness.

Be careful not to fill the alert with too many words or you may miss opportunities because you've been overly specific. Keep it general -- it may be better to create more than one alert that covers different aspects of your field and customers.

Certainly, there are specific ways to make it easier to communicate with prospective customers and also get used to refining the art of prospecting regardless of whether they are "cold" or even could have discovered you as a consequence of previously placed advertising or marketing. Throughout every case you have to make sure that you tune in to them very closely. As you convey a question listen to what they have to say. There may well be invisible triggers within that can aid you or that you might use when it comes to convincing them that you're the right individual to deal with. Any sort of questions that you ask always have to be leading ones. Never encourage the potential client to just provide you with a yes or no reply simply because this will not provide you with any "meat" to be able to help you qualify their own wants and needs.

There is no magic bullet for lead generation. Even if we have built the better mousetrap, the world will not beat a path to our door unless we take the door to them. And the best way to do that is not by putting all our prospecting eggs in one basket all at once, but rather using some of each method, over time, until we close the sale.

Old-school marketing methods are also known as "push-marketing" and cold-calling falls into this category. It really is abrasive, can be regarded as spam and at times downright rude. Your prospects sense this and resent you for it.